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Until 2000 vanilla was hardly grown in India. It's now well established. India exported some 200 metric tonnes of vanilla to the US in 2009 and 2010. India is now recognised globally as one of the major vanilla producing nations alongside Madagascar, Uganda, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.  The harvest in India tends to reduce when the price of vanilla is low for several years. Prices have now increased significantly but it takes three years for a vanilla plant to flower and replanting takes time.


Our superb bourbon vanilla was originally grown in the lush green hills of south India, in Karnataka, Tamal Nadu and Kerala. Vanilla is welcomed here as a crop alongside coffee, tea, cocoa and other spices like pepper and cardamom.



Vanilla is grown in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka

Girls & Beans in Baskets

Girls with newly harvested green beans in the Nilgiri Hills on the border between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka

Flower small

Vanilla flower in the Nilgiri Hills in South India