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All our gourmet vanilla pods are responsibly sourced from farmers in South India. We buy from one supplier only who was part of the very first project to grow vanilla in India twenty years ago, and has deep expertise in vanilla.


Our supplier ensures only the finest vanilla is selected for shipping to us.  She makes sure our vanilla pods and vanilla paste are always the same superb high quality. She runs the vacuum packing operation and works with our skilled team on new products


We supply gourmet vanilla pods. Only the finest vanilla beans from each year's Vanilla Planifolia crop are chosen for this grade. To retain its flavourand appearance gourmet vanilla always has a higher moisture content than extract.


Our farmers carefully nurture vanilla vines for 3 years until they flower. Each flower lasts just one day and has to be pollinated by hand. After 6 months the green beans are picked and  cured using carefully controlled methods refined over many years ..... lots of loving care goes into creating the luscious flavour of our Indian vanilla pods.

"VANILLIN ....the intensity of flavour in a vanilla pod is defined by its vanillin content (1.8% minimum for gourmet). Vanillin on its own will not provide a true bourbon flavour. Another 250 naturally occuring aromatics must also be present. Only the most highly skilled curing ensures the full set of flavour components are present."

EPSON015 new crop

Bourbon flavour profiles  from the early stages of the vanilla project