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Achieving the perfect bourbon vanilla flavour is down to two things: how long vanilla beans are left on the vine, and vanilla curing. All our vanilla pods are cured to a superbly high standard.

Our vanilla pods retain their flavour until used

Our vanilla pods have optimum moisture content

"Vanilla picked too early doesn't develop the full vanillin content . It never achieves a real bourbon aroma."

"Vanilla pods  dry out quickly, and lose their flavour if exposed to air.  Buying loose vanilla pods loose is not good"

"Vanilla pods  with too much moisture are prone to develop mould. Too little and they lose their flavour quickly."

Good quality vanilla should be shiny, slightly moist and pliable. Vacuum packing ensures our vanilla pods retain their lovely rich flavour and appearance for a mininum of 2 years if unopened.

Our vanilla pods contain 28-32% moisture, the optimum level for flavour and appearance.


Our vanilla pods have a lovely rich well rounded vanilla flavour

Vanilla with lime crop